Match Name:New Holland - July 2015
Match Date:7/12/2015
Club ID:MID22
Last Score:19:43 8/1/2015

Overall CombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Stage 1 - Left and RightReviewCombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Stage 2 - Boxes and BeamsReviewCombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Stage 3 - Razor's Edge (09-11)ReviewCombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Stage 4 - Crawford BarricadeReviewCombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Stage 5 - Inspired By Load ItReviewCombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Stage 6 - Hardcover StandardsReviewCombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Class Leaders CombinedLimited OpenProduction Single Stack
Category Leaders CombinedLimitedLimited 10OpenProductionRevolverSingle Stack
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