Match Name:NHRPC - August 2016 USPSA
Match Date:8/14/2016
Last Score:15:27 8/14/2016

Overall CombinedLimited OpenProductionRevolverSingle StackCarry Optics
Stage 1: When The Boss Is AwayReviewCombinedLimited OpenProductionRevolverSingle StackCarry Optics
Stage 2: It's Jake's Fault ReviewCombinedLimited OpenProductionRevolverSingle StackCarry Optics
Stage 3: Disaster Factor (13-01)ReviewCombinedLimited OpenProductionRevolverSingle StackCarry Optics
Stage 4: Run Or GunReviewCombinedLimited OpenProductionRevolverSingle StackCarry Optics
Stage 5: On The MoveReviewCombinedLimited OpenProductionRevolverSingle StackCarry Optics
Class Leaders CombinedLimited OpenProductionRevolverSingle StackCarry Optics
Category Leaders CombinedLimited OpenProduction  Carry Optics
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