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Open to Club Members and Non members
Cost:  $10 for main match


6/22/2014 and 8/17/2014 matches will be official PA Steel League Matches:  Rules, cost, and information available at:

Match Description:
If you like shooting very fast, steel shooting will be one of your favorites. Shoot an array of 5 steel plates of various shapes and sizes as fast as possible. Time penalties are applied for misses. One plate is designated as the stop plate, which must be hit last. A match consists of 5 different stages. Each stage is shot 5 times, for a match total of 125 rounds. Run times are added up, along with any penalties, and the quickest shooter wins the match.
Each stage is shot “stand and deliver” from a designated shooter box, and can be done using a holster or starting with gun in hand at the “low ready” position.
All guns must be encased or holstered unless at firing line or designated “gun handle” table
We have many new shooters at each match and we work very hard to keep the match experience safe, but still fun for shooters of all experience levels.
The target arrangements are different each match, and we typically have one (1) classic steel challenge stage as one of the set ups.

Start Times:
AM – 9:00 Sign Up   9:30 Hammer Down

PM 12:30 Sign Up    1:00 Hammer Down

Categories of guns Used: Stock Auto / Stock Revolver – center fire pistol caliber,  iron sights no compensators
Open Auto / Open Revolver – center fire pistol caliber, have compensators and/or optics
.22 Pistol / .22 Rifle ( no Tube Feeds ) – .22 rimfire, any kind of sighting systems are ok
Pistol Caliber Carbine Rifle ( no Tube Feeds ) – any kind of sighting systems are ok

What you need:
•    Gun ( from one of the categories listed above )
•    Spare magazines or speed loaders ( 5 is best, but bring what you have )
•    Strong side Holster ( optional, Not required )
•    125 rounds ammo minimum ( 150-200 would be better in case you miss or have reshoot )
•    Eye and Ear Protection – Required for Shooters and Spectators
•    Gun bag or Case – must keep gun separate from ammo/magazines

Directors – Jeff Willi

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