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Proposed Club Rule Changes

02 Feb 2024 5:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

At the January meeting a rules change was proposed with the following summary:

March 19, 2024 Rev 9: Added rule clarifying no Hunting. Changed 10 minute firing line timer to 20 minutes. Updated Aerial clay use to be the 25/50/100, cleaned up Shotgun use wording elsewhere. Added rules about minimum safe steel distance and type. Added rules clarifying parking and shooting from vehicles. Added rule about cross range firing on the 600. Added rifle to LP-5, props to LP-4, side berm clarification, and added LP-6 to 8 in the rules. Added Archery rules.

A full updated copy is available at:

These changes will be voted upon at the March 19th, 2024 meeting. 

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