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The NHRPC is committed to providing the maximum amount of range time possible for its members; therefore, we purposely limit the number of range rentals per month.


General Rental Rules

-          Only NHRPC members may rent a range.

-          Members will be limited to a maximum of two weekend rentals per year. 

-          Only one range rental will be scheduled per day.

-          Rentals require that the sponsoring club member be present at all times. 

-          The sponsoring club member will handle any club access and coordination and is ultimately responsible for the care of 

       the range (reminder: the front gate must remained closed and locked)

-          Only one date may be requested at time.  Another date may be requested once the booked date has passed.

-          The classroom may not be rented for private parties or non-firearm related activities.

-          Classroom use will need to allow members access to indoor bathrooms.

-          Any training that includes individuals downrange during firing, a loaded firearm pointed at an individual, a loaded firearm

       pointed up range, or other violations of range safety rules - are prohibited.


Private Range Rental

-          Club members who wish to rent a range for personal use may request a date no more than three (3) months in


-          Only one date may be requested at time.  Another date may be requested once the booked date has passed.

-          All range rules apply.


Professional Range Rental

-          Only the sponsoring NHRPC member may request a date for a professional training course.   

-      Range rentals for professional training classes must provide proof of liability insurance and a syllabus of the course

-      Only one class may be requested at time.  Another class may be requested once the booked date has passed.


Following is the Fee Schedule for use of NHRPC Facilities effective January 2020:

Pistol Pit #5: $100 day – Pistol, Shotgun

100Y Multipurpose: $200 day – Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun

Classroom: Free included with range rental, otherwise $75 day for non-shooting classes.


(Current Program Directors are extended a 50% rate on all fees above.)

This fee and range schedule does not involve NRA Basic, Women On Target, Hunters’ Education or other “non-profit” classes.

If a professional entity would like to teach a class such as NRA Basic, Women on Target, Hunters’ Ed, or a safety class where the cost to students is only the paperwork/materials costs (aka, the instructor(s) are donating their time to teach) the class becomes a “non-profit class” for that particular instance. If in doubt, please ask for delineation between “profit classes” and “non-profit classes”.  Non-profit classes must be open to all club members.


Maximum number of people permitted per rental:

Pistol Pit: 20 people

Multipurpose: 40 people


Any further questions, please contact the Chief Instructor

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