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The archery range is located in the woods past the 25-50-100 yard range and is marked with a large "ARCHERY RANGE" sign. 

The archery range consists of a 0.4 mile long "lollipop" shaped stone trail loop with various target lanes cut into the woods throughout.

There are 6 target covers with well-cleared target lanes and a total of 13 targets.  Five of the target lanes have multiple targets made up of a mix of 3D animals and circle targets as shown in the photos below and lane #6 is an exceptionally long and difficult shot through trees at a large circle target.  The target lanes are set up to let you create a variety of challenging shots to simulate long and difficult hunting shots.

You can shoot from any point on the trail leading up to the target and about 10 feet to either side of the cleared trail.  This allows for the range to be enjoyed by archers of all skill levels.

NHRPC seeks a match director who would like to manage archery matches.  If you are able, qualified, and interested please email

This is one of the bowhangers that was made from an old target holder.  Each lane has a bowhanger.

The 0.4 mile stone trail loop is shown below: 


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