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The archery range is located in the woods on the west side of the club property past the 25-50-100yd range and is marked with a large "ARCHERY RANGE" sign. 

After years of neglect NHRPC is rebuilding the archery range to be better than ever during the summer of 2022.  We're re-clearing trails, building A-frame style target covers like the one shown below, repairing and replacing targets, and rebuilding the old target holders into bowhangers.  At this point most of the work consists of building the target covers and bowhangers.

The archery range consists of a 0.4 mile long "lollipop" shaped stone trail loop with various target lanes cut into the woods throughout.  Walking the entire stone trail loop and walking to each target will be about a mile once all 20 shooting lanes are finished.  

The range is open during construction and you are encouraged to use it.

Once the range is finished there will be a wide range of different targets including the "circle" target bags, animal target faces, and an assortment of 3D animals ranging from groundhogs to an elk.  Most of the target lanes have plenty of natural obstacles between the shooter and target to create challenging shots that simulate long and difficult hunting shots.

We also hope to continue to restore the range back to the original 20 positions with 40 targets (or more) ranging out to 75 yards in 2023.

Archery range work happens most Saturday mornings and sometimes on Sunday afternoons.  If you are willing to put some work in to make this happen email Ben Sheaffer at

Once the hard work of rebuilding is done there are plans for a members-and-guests-only "honesty" match program as well as matches that are open to the public.

As of September 19, 2022 there are 6 covered targets and shooting lanes that are well cleared and have multiple targets.  Here are some photos of what is out there: 

Below are typical shooting lanes leading to another of the new target covers.  You can shoot from any point on the trail leading up to the target or about 10 feet to either side of the cleared trail. 

This is one of the bowhangers that was made from an old target holder:

The 0.4 mile stone trail loop is shown below: 


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