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E-Target Information:

We use the Silver Mountain Target S7 Server System. Information from SMT can be found here:

 Microsoft Word - S25 Shooter Scorekeeper Guide 1-10.docx (

If you prefer, please provide your own tablet or laptop and be familiar with its operation. While any device that can access Wifi and has an internet browser will work a cell phone is NOT recommended. 

We have 12 loaner tablets that are easy to use, and will have 15 by the June 2024 match.

How to access your target. 

1. Connect to the wifi network SilverMountainTargets There is no password. it will say "No internet, Open" this is correct. For best performance disconnect and forget the Club Wifi network and cellular data. 

2. Open the browser on your device For Example: Safari, Chrome, Silk, Edge. Close all other applications and tabs.

How to Use an Amazon Fire Tablet

3. Enter: bar.

4.Select your target from the row of targets at the bottom of the screen and verify you have the correct target. Shooter and Scorer access is view only. There is no login needed do not attempt to login. 

 Note: No access to any level of admin access or log will be provided.

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