New Holland
Rifle and Pistol Club


New Holland Small-bore Rifle Team

 Indoor Match program.

Match Fees:         

Juniors n/c

NHRPC Members  $3.00

Non-Members        $5.00


Registration and Shooting Start Times:

Registration starts at 8:30 am on match mornings.


The match starts at 9:00 am on match mornings.

Course of Fire:

1) A match constitutes 10 record shots in each position – prone, standing, kneeling and sitting, in any order. unlimited sighting shots are allowed.

For F-class each match is 40 shots, using 4 USA 50 targets. Unlimited sighting shots are allowed.

2) The time limit is 75 minutes to complete the Course of Fire.

3) Targets – official NRA A17 for 4 position, and USA 50 for F-class and Prone courses of fire.

4) Any sights may be used.


Authorized rifles will be .22 rimfire. ( .22 long rifle caliber )

All rifles must be loaded single rounds at a time, and fired single rounds at a time.

Position Compliance:

Shooters may request a position change to a more difficult position.  For example, standing may be substituted for kneeling.  Any substitute position must conform to the Rule which defines it.  Refer to the NRA Rule Book for position compliance standards.


Scoring should be done in accordance with NRA Rule 14. Scoring.


Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI’s) are required at all matches.  ECI’s shall be inserted into the chamber upon opening of the gun case.  Rifles can be brought to the firing line by command of the Range Officer only.  ECI’s may be removed at the start of the three minute preparation period.  ECI’s shall be reinserted upon completion of firing or the call for cease fire.  There shall be no handling of rifles on the firing line while any personnel are down range.

The NHRPC Small-bore Team competes in the National Rifle League and fires 10 matches in this league.


If you have any questions, please contact Paul Irvin at, or  (717)354-8925.

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