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2021 Match Bulletin

April 17, 2021

May 15, 2021

June 19, 2021

July 17, 2021


 August 21, 2021

September 18, 2021 PA State Highpower Rifle Championship


Oct. 16, 2021 CMP Service Rifle EIC Match 

Open & welcome to all legal gun owners regardless of club affiliation.

Pennsylvania service and match rifle champions must be Pennsylvania residents

For an online copy of the complete NRA High Power rules go to the NRA website.


NRA rules will govern all shooters.  Challenges $2.00

Classification: NRA classification cards.  If no classification is held, a default class of Master Unclassified (MU) will be assigned until an official class is established per NRA rules.


NRA Match Rifle or NRA Service Rifle.

**Special note**

We have actively been welcoming competitors using rifles other than traditional NRA match and service rifles.

This will include suppressed rifles but they will be considered out of competition per NRA rules.

We are not allowing recoil reducing muzzle breaks of any kind per the NRA rules due to the concussion that they provide to the neighboring shooter on the line.

Caliber Requirements:
No less than .224 cal. and no greater than .30 cal. with exception to “Any Rifle” which may not exceed .35 cal.

Match rifle and Service Rifle.   Minimum of 5 shooters to form a class/category.  Classes and/or categories will be combined if there are insufficient competitors.

Cash awards will not be distributed per class or category winners in lieu of a reasonable match fees. 

Entry fees
Adult – $30.00          State Championship - $40.00
Junior – $15.00         State Championship - $25.00

Cash or check. Make checks payable to New Holland Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. (NHRPC)

Post Entries;
From 7:00 AM – 7:40 AM on day of the match up to the range limit of first 60 paid entries.

Firing Starts at 8:00 am

Course of Fire:
All non EIC matches are 800 aggregate (80 shot regional match course) per current NRA rules.

Match 1:  200 yards slow fire, two sighting shots followed by 20 record shots standing. 22 minute time limit.

Match 2:  200 yards rapid fire, two sighting shots followed by two 10-shot strings sitting or kneeling from standing or from that position per NRA rules. 60 seconds per string time limit.

Match 3:  300 yards rapid fire, two sighting shots followed by, two 10-shot strings prone from standing or from the prone position per NRA rules. 70 seconds per string time limit.

Match 4:  600 yards slow fire, two sighting shots followed by 20 record shots prone. 22 minute time limit.

Match 5:  Aggregate of matches 1, 2, 3 & 4.

General Information:
ALCOHOL ON CLUB PROPERTY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Competitors will pull targets and score unless a paid puller is provided by the shooter. The Range Officer is authorized to reduce the match in shots or distance due to range conditions. Refunds will be made as necessary. The Range Officer has the option to allow alibi firing at the completion of the 2nd string of a rapid fire stage.

Match Director’s Safety Requirements:

  • Side arms will not be permitted on the shooter’s person while in position and participating in the match.  They may be kept in the shooter’s gear bag, range cart, or in an automobile.
  • At no time, will any non-competitor, other than paid pit pullers, enter the pits during live fire.  This includes spouses, significant others, and children.  Children over the age of 12 may attend and participate in the match if properly supervised by a legal parent or guardian, however due to safety concerns, unattended children who are not properly supervised, who are not participating in the event will not be permitted on the range for the duration of the event.    No exceptions!
  • Any unsafe activity of any participant may result in forfeiture of record score, paid match fees, and the competitor will be asked to exit the range.  No exceptions!
  • 3-shot rule:  If any competitor is not on paper at the 600 yard stage of the match after firing 3 shots, consisting of both sighting and record shots, that competitor will not be permitted to continue that stage of the match.  This rule is strictly adhered to for reasons of safety and the increased possibility of skipping a bullet out of the range. If you are not sure of your zero, ask the match director to help you before you fire your 1st shot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Eye protection and hearing protection are required in the pits and on the firing line, per NRA rules.

Comfort Inn (717) 355-9900
Spring Gulch Campground (717) 354-3100
County Haven Campsite (717) 354-7926
Inn at Morgantown (610) 286-5521


GPS address: 589 Meetinghouse Road, Gap, PA. 17527
From the PA Turnpike, take Exit 298-Morgantown (Route 10 South) ½ mile to Route 23 West for approx. 7 miles to Route 897 South for approx.3.3 miles to Meetinghouse Road. Turn left and proceed ½ mile then turn left into range.

From the West take Route 322 East to Route 897 South 2.5 miles to Meetinghouse Road. Turn left and proceed ½ mile to range on left.

From the South take Route 340 East to Route 897 North for 3.4 miles to Meetinghouse Road. Turn right and proceed ½ miles to range on left.

Match Director – Paul Irvin   -    (717) 354-8925

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