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  • Match 1 - 2 Gun Series ***Postponed to 4/26***

Match 1 - 2 Gun Series ***Postponed to 4/26***

  • 22 Mar 2014
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 25/50/100 Range, Multipurpose Range, Pistol Pits 4&5. - All other ranges open.


The NHRPC 2-Gun Championship Series is a series of events where shooters earn point toward an overall

championship via their results in each match. The 2-Gun concept is a bit of a blend of 3-Gun, USPSA and

IDPA. If you want to run a carbine and pistol fast with some occasional longer shots these events will be

for you. You will encounter a mix of “run and gun”, unconventional shooting positions, memory stages and

scenario stages. The series will be approximately 75% rifle 25% pistol



We will have 5 matches this year. Each one counting toward the championship!


Equipment needed:

Semi-auto rifle 5.45x39 or larger (not larger than .308 Win)

Semi-auto pistol 9mm or larger


Secure strong side holster

3 rifle mags

3 pistol mags

Chamber flag (for sale at club)

Eye and Ear protection


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